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Ultra Ventilated 3 Layer Bee Beekeeper Beekeeping Suit -041

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Ultra Ventilated 3 Layer Bee Beekeeper Beekeeping Suit -041

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Product Description/Details:

- Ultra-ventilated and Fully Protected:

Beekeeping suit is made of 3 layers of high-quality mesh which allow you to remain cool during warmer temperatures yet protected from bee stings. Two outer layers of fine polyester mesh sandwich a layer of larger gauged EVA foam mesh to provide a thick yet light material which is difficult to sting through.

- Fully Covered/Guarded Susceptible Entry Points:

"Bees know very well how to get into small openings and climb up" ... To avoid such uninvited guests, the following steps have been taken to fully protect you:

Elasticated wrist & ankle cuffsto ensure no gap exists for bees to get in.
Neck collar is inside the veil/hood zipperattachment to keep you extra safe from uninvited bee stings on the neck.
- Detachable veil/hood for extra convenience, better cleaning and storage.

- High quality zippers at the front as well as for veil/hood attachment for easy and smooth engagement.

- Numerous Pockets are positioned for easy access and deep enough, so your tools don?t fall out when working on your hive. Also, the front two pockets have hook-and-loop Velcro fastener flaps.

- Uni-sex design equally stylish and comfortable for both men and women.

Please read the below information carefully before placing an order:

- Please carefully measure and select your bee-suit size as per the size chart attached. Please note that Bee-suits are usually meant to be worn over clothing, so we suggest that you pick a size larger than your normal clothing size. This will provide ample room for your clothing underneath the suit and will create a loose, comfortable fit.

- We can also add, in case you require, any additional logos or your name on the bee-suits fees apply.

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