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'How do beekeepers not get stung?' with our beehive suit! [STING-LESS]

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'How do beekeepers not get stung?' with our beehive suit! [STING-LESS]

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Want to know 'how do beekeepers not get stung'? Here's the secret - Our Beehive Suit!

  • Cool & Invincible: Engineered with triple-layer mesh, this suit is your summer dream. Chill in the beehive without feeling the 'buzz'!

  • No Bees in Your Bonnet: Elasticated cuffs and hidden neck collar keep these party crashers out. The bees can stay in the hive where they belong!

  • Detachable Veil/Hood: Enjoy the 'buzz' without the sweat, and store and clean easily.

  • Zippers: Just as smooth as honey flowing from the hive, for a fuss-free suit up.

  • Pockets: Deeper than a bee's commitment to honey, Velcro flaps secure your tools.

  • One Suit Fits All: Beekeeping isn't just for the Queen Bee. Our suits are for everyone! Universal fit in mind. Accommodating a broad range of body types, from petite to plus size, and anything in-between

Please note:

  • Measure up! Our suits are designed to go over your clothes, so pick a size larger for that loose, comfortable fit.

  • Personalisation? Yes, we do that. Your name, your logo, your suit. Fees apply.

Stay sting-free in the hive with our Beehive Suit - the ultimate answer to 'how do beekeepers not get stung?' 🐝

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